Why to Choose LetMeFeed

Why only LedMeFeed – Online Tiffin Service in Mumbai:

Food That Tastes Like Home
Do you miss those perfect round rotis that your mom used to make? Many of us leave our houses for better education and career opportunities, but that does not mean we have to leave the yummy home-cooked food too. At LetMeFeed, we aim to provide you with warm, delicious, and hygienic meals even when you’re away from home. Mouth-watering and authentic Indian recipes await to be devoured!

We Offer Different Varieties
Our home chefs are skilled in cooking a variety of Indian recipes, each a perfect balance of nutrition and taste. From Gujarat’s yummy daal to Punjab’s thick paneer makhani, our menu is sure to accommodate your taste and diet preferences. But we do not compromise on health, we ensure that are meals are cooked with minimum oil and ghee.

Delectable Pure Vegetarian Food
Who says vegetarian food is bland? Our menu flaunts a great bunch of pure vegetarian meals that will steal your heart! We make sure your food is cooked with care, love, and the best aromatic Indian spices! All our recipes get a healthy twist, all thanks to our talented home chefs, offering you the best vegetarian food that you’ve ever tasted! (of course, followed by your mom’s cooking)

Healthy Sides!
Many people in India who live away from home have many health complaints. This is because most of our meals consist of less than three components. We have changed that by adding wholesome salads and other kinds of sides to your meals, offering you all-encompassing nutrition. From seasoned chopped veggies to yogurt raita, our healthful and yummy sides are something to look out for!

Our Popular 7 Day Trial
Sceptical when it comes to food? Don’t worry! You can get a taste of our creations with the help of our 7 Day Trial, without any commitments or conditions. Instead of subscribing to a monthly plan right away, you can get our trial at a nominal cost, with a new recipe every day!

Easy to Order
Our ordering process is easy and hassle-free. We have two time-slots between which you can make your order either through a quick online process, or a call. Our website allows you to select the number of tiffins, date, and time, for an extremely convenient experience. So, order now!