Our Aim:
The concept behind LetMeFeed is a simple one, we believe in offering delicious and healthy home-like meals. We aim to bring you with your favorite maa ke hath the khana with high-quality and yummilicious ingredients. Some of our policies have been set straight—the food must be wholesome & it must win our customer’s heart.

We began the framework of our SOP with a couple of things in mind—easy ordering process, convenience, and care for your health. You can choose a subscription that suits your requirements, and our job is to timely deliver those delectables to you.

India is home to abundant recipes. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and from Gujarat to Assam, each recipe has its own space in the hearts of us Indians. We crafted simple, low-fat, low-oil, high-protein meals that will give you the energy to perform well daily activities while keeping you feeling light and fresh!

Our Story And How It All Started
LetMeFeed was established by Roshan Zalke in 2017. He conceptualized the idea for this tiffin service in Mumbai when he was in college in Mumbai, and lived away from his home. While Roshan always inclined to start a business of his own, he had never imagined getting into the food industry. We started with a small group of five skilled home chefs, mostly women, that have an experience of a lifetime in making warm and delicious Indian meals for their families.

How We Started: A rented small house with a kitchen space and five passionate women with impeccable taste and talent in their hands. Now was the time to set out a blueprint, a framework we would follow that would make both ours and our customer’s life easy! The brand penned down some of the most loved Indian recipes and tried to incorporate them within the tiffins. Straightforward, economical, and delicious meal plans soon started to surface and we came up with a total of seven meal plans our customers would choose from!

Customer-Convenience: Now our idea was to create a convenient experience for our customers. We set up our website and began exploring numerous ways we could make our ordering/cancellation process simple and quick. Our priority was setting the mode of payment and made sure our clients would never have to face an inconvenience there. We opened payments through UPI/Credit Cards/Debit Cards/Net Banking/Cheques. After all, user experience matters a lot in this business.

7-Day Trial: There is a lot of scepticism in Mumbaikers with tiffin services ordered online due to previous bad incidents and experiences. Therefore, we decided we wanted to offer a huge 7-Day Trial package to our users and reassure them about the safety, hygiene, and taste without commitments. Currently, our 7-Day Trial is a big hit among our customers along with our popular 24-Days Vegetarian Meal Plan.

Currently, we offer both Pure Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian options for our users and take the utmost care with the packaging of our product before they head out. We have rarely had any complaints about the quality and care we adhere to.